Republican Congressman: Obama’s Rhetoric Created Immigration Crisis, Not Increased Violence [VIDEO]

Hayley Hoefer Contributor
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Republican Rep. Sean Duffy of Wisconsin discussed the underlying causes of the United States’ current immigration crisis with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Tuesday morning.

“The Daily Rundown” host asked Duffy if he thought the law President George W. Bush passed in 2008 to curb child trafficking actually contributed to the flood of migrants at the southern border.

Duffy responded by bringing Todd’s attention to the culpability of the Obama Administration.

“We have to recognize what has really caused the crisis. There’s really no more violence or poverty in Central America over the president’s presidency,” Duffy told Todd.

“What has happened is that the president has made statements about our dreamers which many Republicans and Democrats have agreed with… those are our young kids who are undocumented and living here in America. He’s made bold statements, and that has sent the message to this region that if you send your children to America, they will get amnesty. That’s only thing that has changed is the president’s statement,” Duffy explained.

“Wait, let me stop you there,” Todd interrupted. “You think that’s the issue and not the power and rise of the drug cartels who are always looking to make an extra buck?”

“Listen, the drug cartels haven’t had a recent rise in the last several months. That’s been going on for years,” Duffy replied.

“The real change has been the statements made by the president and the perception that has been given to these Central American countries and parents,” the congressman reiterated.

“If we can get these kids healthy and we can get them back to their parents and the parents see that these children are getting home, they are going to realize that this very dangerous journey isn’t worth it. That what we’ve heard isn’t true,” Duffy continued.

“That America would have a set of policies that would encourage these children to go along this very dangerous journey is inhumane. We can’t allow that to happen,” he said.

Duffy then concluded that the president and Congress have to work together in a “team effort” to address the immigration crisis and prevent more Central American children from dying during the dangerous journey to the U.S.

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