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Kate Patrick Contributor
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We all have that one friend, the one friend who arrives two hours late or never shows up at all.

“Just ask for directions,” we say. “Just call us,” we plead.

And then they do. And it’s like they don’t know their left from their right. You’re giving directions to a goldfish.

But there’s another — better — something that can guide your friend safely to your home or party. It’s called Jink, and it’s a really awesome app that will never let your friend be late again. (RELATED: Local Gov’t Uses Google ‘Waze’ To Track You)

Here’s how it works: Enter your phone number into Jink, and it tracks your location. If you are sitting in Starbucks waiting for Bob to show, you can log into Jink, see where Bob got lost, and start messaging him directions. The handy part is you get to watch Bob as he struggles to understand your directions, so if he starts walking the wrong way you can notify him immediately: “No, Bob. This way, Bob. The other way, Bob.”

And as soon as you meet up with Bob, Jink stops tracking you. (RELATED: Want A Search Engine That Doesn’t Track You? Try DuckDuckGo)

While tracking is a little bit creepy, you’ve got to admit the app is pretty handy for those of us who are directionally challenged.


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