DA At Center of Rick Perry Case Was Twice As Drunk As Mel Gibson

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Republican Texas Gov. Rick Perry was indicted Friday for promising to veto funding for a state public integrity unit headed by a district attorney who was twice as drunk as Mel Gibson when she got arrested for drunk driving, according to a Daily Caller analysis.

Perry’s widely-mocked indictment came after a complaint from the George Soros-funded group Texans for Public Justice, which alleged that he broke some kind of law when he said he would veto funds to a proposed state ethics unit headed by Democratic district attorney Rosemary Lehmberg if she did not step down as its head.

When Lehmberg was arrested for drunk driving in April 2013, she had an open bottle of vodka in the car. Her blood alcohol level: 0.23. Here’s some footage of Lehmberg on that fateful night:

Was Lehmberg drinking at almost three times the legal limit? Yes, but more notably it was twice the Lethal (Weapon star) limit.

Hollywood actor and director  Mel Gibson was pulled over in 2006  in Los Angeles with a blood alcohol content of 0.12 — roughly half of Lehmberg’s blood alcohol content but enough to cause Gibson to launch into an anti-Semitic rant to a female police officer that he nicknamed “Sugar Tits.”

It’s difficult to adequately summarize everything that is amazing about this Lehmberg footage, but the real highlight is probably when she kicks a prison door wearing flip-flops:


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