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Twitter’s Marty wonders about Joan Rivers 

@ron_fournier Did you Enjoy Joan Rivers Comedy & TV Career over the years? She went after Celebs & wasn’t afraid to say what people think.” — Media darling Marty Rudolf. National Journal‘s incessant tweeter Ron Fournier replied, “I did.”


“And you’re supposed to be asleep for a 5:45 alarm to get on a train but wide awake tweeting about dumb things.” — Yahoo! NewsMeredith Shiner. And this: “The thing where you can’t tell if you’re sore from batting cages Sunday or wiping out on office floor Monday running to talk about a tweet.”

Really super deep thoughts with NYT prof Jay Rosen

When journalism is working properly, reality makes an appearance. News reports focused on “the optics” present appearances as a reality. — First Look Media advisor Jay Rosen.

NFL’s Ray Rice fallout

“Ravens coach refusing to answer questions about what he knew is definition of cowardly.” — HuffPost‘s Jason Cherkis.

“Since a video changed @NFL‘s mind on Ray Rice, you gotta wonder what they thought a 220 lbs man knocking a woman out looked like? #WTF” — Townhall columnist and radio host Derek Hunter.

Internet étiquette question 

“Friend asked me tonight if it ‘matters’ that I’m ‘shirtless’ in my profile photo. Twitter, is my clavicle an affront to your sensibilities?” — Mediaite‘s Eddie Scarry.

Uh oh: Primitive fashion week coverage

“Phone conked at Zac Posen so have to rely on ye olde “eyes” and “ears” for tomorrow’s copy–we’ll see how that works out.” — Alexandra Jacobs, fashion critic and features writer, NYT.

Online weirdness

“Also, people telling me it’s weird to be excited about seeing my only sibling (who’s in the military), go find something valuable to do.” — BuzzFeed‘s Ellie Hall.

Journo coins the phrase “Touré dumb”

“There’s dumb. And then there’s Toure dumb.” — Daily Surge‘s Jason Mattera promoting a post on the MSNBC host saying some may be overstating the power of Isis.

HELP! Mediaite editor back from honeymoon, wants updates

“I went away for 8 days, need someone to fill me in: Did any D-list celebrities get into pointless fights with liberal/conservative Twitter?” — Mediate‘s Andrew Kirell.

Cryptic thoughts with WaPo‘s Big Man On Campus Wesley Lowery

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The Media Critic 

“Hard to figure out who is more talentless @ChuckTodd or @LukeRussert . if Russert’s last name was Smith he’d be unemployable.” — GOP consultant, author and blogger Roger Stone.

Paying it forward

“I think buying a homeless person an Olive Garden unlimited food card would be a nice thing to do.” — Mother Jones engagement editor Ben Dreyfuss, son of you-know-who.

Anonymous “new school” journo says Rick Berke never fit in at Politico 

“Re Berke/this piece: Old School, then, is great journalism with great reporting & impact that people remember. ‘New School’ is apparently a ‘journalist’ hiding behind anonymity 2 talk smack. I’ll take old school any day” – NYT‘s Jim Rutenberg reacting to a piece by Tom Kludt of Talking Points Memo explaining why Berke didn’t even last a year as Politico‘s executive editor. In it, an anonymous journo at Politico says the writing was on the wall — Berke never fit in.

Berke refused to respond. “I’m making a policy not to talk to anyone,” he told TPM. “I just don’t want to stir up anything.”