Rubio: Charlie Crist Is ‘A Political Opportunist Of The First Degree’

Al Weaver Reporter
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Marco Rubio had some choice words Tuesday for Charlie Crist, the Democratic nominee for governor in Florida. Rubio, who discussed the former Florida governor with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, defeated Crist in the general election for the U.S. Senate in 2010, and is largely responsible for Crist dropping out of the race for the GOP nomination and running as an independent:

Rubio: “First of all, the Republican Party didn’t leave Charlie Crist. Charlie Crist abandoned the Republican Party when he was running against me and the polls showed he was going to lose. He was a Republican up until late April, at least a Republican in name as of late April 2010, and the only reason why he shifted parties was because he couldn’t win a primary. In fact, on a debate with Chris Wallace…he flat out said he wouldn’t do that, and two weeks later he did. So that’s why he left. He’s a political opportunist of the first degree.”

Cavuto: “But he’s polling well, are you surprised he’s polling as well as he is?”

Rubio: “I think Rick Scott has recaptured the momentum. Consistently, the polls are showing him opening up a lead, and the reason why is because I suspect that even democrats in Florida are a bit disgusted with Charlie Crist and what he represents or doesn’t represent. I don’t think they think his conversion, or lack there of, is a legitimate one and they think it’s all about positioning himself to win an office. That’s all he’s ever wanted to be is someone who holds political office. He’ll be whatever he needs to be to win.”