Obama Attacks Fox News By Name In Midterm Campaign Speech [VIDEO]

Vince Coglianese Editorial Director
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In a speech at Northwestern University Thursday, President Obama attacked the Fox News Channel by name.

“But I have laid out my ideas to create more jobs and grow more wages,” Obama told students at Northwestern University following a high-dollar fundraiser for Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn. “A true opposition party should have the courage to lay out theirs. There’s a reason fewer Republicans are preaching doom on deficits – because they’re now manageable.”

“There’s a reason fewer are running against Obamacare,” Obama claimed, according to his prepared remarks, “because while good, affordable health care might still be a fanged threat to freedom on Fox News, it’s working pretty well in the real world.”

Obama’s Twitter account, run by his non-profit advocacy group Organizing for Action, also tweeted the shot at the network.


Obama’s decision to attack Fox, known for its tough coverage of the president, is his latest attempt to rally Democratic voters in the run-up to the November midterms. Current polling suggests that Republicans are likely to recapture the Senate this year.

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