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College Democrats Don’t Know That Obama Is No Longer Popular

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The thing about being trendy is that eventually, trends die out. Once people decide something is no longer cool, you will look uncool if you still express interest in it. Unless your affection is genuine (which it probably isn’t because you’re you), you can really embarrass yourself. It’s not easy being a hipster.

That’s what a group of College Democrats from George Washington University learned when they traveled to Kentucky to volunteer for Alison Grimes. She’s so worried that people will mistake her for the once-trendy Barack Obama, she specifically denied the allegation in a campaign ad:

Got it? She is not Obama. Stop saying she’s Obama. Because she’s not. Obama isn’t cool anymore, and she wants you to think she’s cool.

But as reported by the GWU newspaper, which is of course called The Hatchet, some out-of-state Grimes volunteers who spent a weekend knocking on doors in Louisville did not pack for the trip:

Many students filled their bags for the trip with t-shirts depicting President Barack Obama and their GW College Democrats shirts with Obama’s name emblazoned on the back.

But it wasn’t until they got to Kentucky that canvassers remembered to be careful not to connect Democratic candidates there with Obama. Alison Grimes, who is running against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, wanted to differentiate herself from the president and the administration’s policies that don’t resonate with Kentucky residents, like Obama’s policies toward coal mining.

Luckily for them, the weather was so cold they had to cover up anyway, and their t-shirts were hidden under jackets and sweatshirts.


No wonder Obama is so grumpy these days. His meteoric rise to the White House was based entirely on making people feel good about themselves for liking him. Now he makes them resentful, furtive, and ashamed. Now his name is a dirty word. Why is everybody so mean to him?

Whatever you do, don’t point and laugh at people who still support Barack Obama in 2014. They’re very sensitive, and they’ll say bad things about you on their podcasts. Just smirk knowingly as you’re deciding which type of milk to get in your latte.

(Hat tip: Andrew Johnson)

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