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Quote of the Day:

“Big news…. It’s coming.” — NRSC strategist Brad Dayspring, 12 seconds ago. (It’s 10:40 a.m. on Monday.)

Muting: The cowardly approach to Twitter

“Looks like mute is the new more cowardly way to avoid debate. Now the person you’re hiding from doesn’t even know it!” — RedState‘s Ben Howe.

Still, TPM’s Josh Marshall kinda likes it this way…

“Twitter has gotten a lot better since mute.” — TalkingPointsMemo editor Josh Marshall.

Parenting 101 with Chris Hayes 

“Oldest daughter sleeping over the grandparents, and dinner w/ one kid is like swinging the bat after taking the batting donut off.” — MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

A journo and her 3-year-old discuss God 

“Tucking the 3 year old in and she just asked ‘God will take care of me?’ I simply said… always. #blessed #goodnight.”  — NBC Washington’s Angie Goff.


“In DC for @ThisWeekABC. Doesn’t matter how many times I come here, always stunned by beauty of National Mall.” — Dr. Richard Besser, ABC News chief medical editor.


“We will be back to fight ISIS and this time we must defeat them — and Iran — utterly. First to prevent Clinton 2016 — an impending wreck.” — Joel Pollak, editor of Breitbart California.

A TV journo explains why his skin is so soft 

J. Lisle, Chief of External Affairs for DC Water:  “Why does your skin look so soft? That’s my question.”

ABC7’s Stephen Tschida: “Lots of sunscreen my friend. And a good healthy lifestyle!”

And now, an important question about rollerblading 

“Hey, whatever happened to roller blades? #randompondering” — WaPo‘s Jonathan Capehart.

A brief conversation between “Morning Joe” co-hosts 

MIKA BRZEZINKSI: “Getting ready for another week. Will put my head down and work hard and Ill just hope for some good karma. "</p