Brad Pitt: I’ve Been A Gun Owner Since Kindergarten

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Brad Pitt has been big on guns since he was only six years old, when he inherited his grandfather’s shotgun in kindergarten. Before that, in nursery school, he had used a BB gun, and then he was firing handguns by the time he was eight.

Pitt called weapons merely a “rite of passage” in his family, and said that his older brother had gotten his dad’s gun when he got his grandfather’s, he told the Radio Times. Pitt, born in Oklahoma and raised in Missouri, called it “a sane environment.”

“The positive is that my father instilled in me a profound and deep respect for the weapon,” Pitt said.

He’s called America a country founded on guns, and explained that firearms are just in the nation’s DNA. The 50-year-old also said he doesn’t feel safe without a gun in his house when he’s home with his wife and children.

(Photo: Getty Images)

(Photo: Getty Images)

“It’s very strange, but I feel better having a gun. I don’t feel the house is completely safe if I don’t have one hidden somewhere. That’s my thinking, right or wrong,” Pitt said.

He stars in the upcoming World War II film “Fury,” and plays “Wardaddy,” a sergeant who takes a tank and five-man crew on a mission to defeat Nazi Germany.

Brad Pitt Fury

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“Fury” is in theaters Oct. 17.

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