Colleges With The Most Expensive, Money Draining Dorm Room Fees [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Money-hungry colleges are realizing that not only can they get away with gouging students for thousands of dollars on tuition fees, but they can also coerce students to fritter away cash just on shoebox-sized dorm rooms, cheap food and slow WiFi.

An infographic produced by eCollegeFinder’s Mike Simmons breaks down state-by-state America’s most expensive on-campus room and board fees. Using the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics, the infographic shows each state’s most expensive dorm rooms.

Even though a lot of these college dorm fees cost north of $10,000 per year, most students aren’t moving into spacious housing with decent amenities. Instead, a lot of students get the bare-minimum: mess hall food, a roof over their heads and a roommate to share it all with. (RELATED: The 12 Most Expensive Colleges In America)

States with notoriously high cost of living like New York, Illinois and California, consequently have high dorm fees. And some schools like New York School of Interior Design say that the price tag of $21,000 a year is justified because the real cost is paying to live in Manhattan. While states like South Dakota and Montana manage to keep dorm fees well bellow $10,000.

Most Expensive Dorm Rooms/eCollegeFinder, Mike Simmons

Most Expensive Dorm Rooms In Each State: eCollegeFinder, Mike Simmons

The top 10 colleges with the most expensive dorms:

New York – New York School of Interior Design,  $21,000

Massachusetts – The Boston Conservatory, $17,195

California – University of California Berkeley, $15,482

Pennsylvania – Drexel University, $14,415

Washington, DC – Catholic University of America, $14,326

Connecticut – Quinnipiac University, $14,250

New Jersey – Stevens Institute of Technology, $14,214

Illinois – School of the Art Institute of Chicago,  $14,190

Rhode Island – Roger Williams University, $14,120

Tennessee – Vanderbilt University,  $14,094

Alphabetical its of the most expensive dorm rooms:

Alabama – University of Alabama, $13,156

Alaska – University of Alaska Anchorage, $10,143

Arizona – Arizona State University – Downtown Phoenix , $11,466

Arkansas – Hendrix College, $10,620

California – University of California, Berkeley – $15,482

Colorado – University of Colorado, Boulder – $12,258

Connecticut – Quinnipiac University, $14,250

DC – Catholic University of America, $14,326

Delaware – University of Delaware, $11,200

Florida – Rollins College, $12,960

Georgia – Savannah College of Art and Design, $13,374

Hawaii – Hawaii Pacific University,  $13,320

Idaho – The College of Idaho, $8,501

Illinois – School of the Art Institute of Chicago, $14,190

Indiana – University of Notre Dame, $12,512

Iowa – Grinnell College, $9,998

Kansas – The Art Institutes International – Kansas City, $9,579

Kentucky – Bellarmine University, $10,592

Louisiana – Saint Joseph Seminary College, $13,350

Maine – Bates College,  $13,300

Maryland – Johns Hopkins University, $13,832

Massachusetts – The Boston Conservatory, $17,195

Michigan – Albion College, $10,144

Minnesota – Carleton College, $11,982

Mississippi – Millsaps College, $11,368

Missouri – Washington University in St. Louis, $13,977

Montana – Carroll College, $8,304

Nebraska – Creighton University, $9,728

Nevada – Sierra Nevada College, $11,772

New Hampshire – Dartmouth College, $13,466

New Jersey – Stevens Institute of Technology, $14,214

New Mexico – St. John’s College, $11,816

New York – New York School of Interior Design, $21,000

North Carolina – Duke University, $12,902

North Dakota – North Dakota State University, $7,300

Ohio – Case Western Reserve University, $12,898

Oklahoma – Oklahoma City University, $10,730

Oregon – Pacific Northwest College of Art, $12,814

Pennsylvania – Drexel University, $14,415

Rhode Island – Roger Williams University, $14,120

South Carolina – College of Charleston, $11,043

South Dakota – Augustana College, $7,170

Tennessee – Vanderbilt University, $14,094

Texas – Southern Methodist University, $13,955

Utah – The Art Institute of Salt Lake City, $8,370

Vermont – Champlain College, $13,500

Virginia – The Art Institute of Virginia Beach, $13,716

Washington – Whitman College, $10,900

West Virginia – Bethany College, $9,546

Wisconsin – Marquette University, $10,730

Wyoming – University of Wyoming, $9,451

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