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HuffPost Reporter Spearheads Ridicule Of Breitbart’s Boyle

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Twitter felt a lot like junior high school early this morning as resident tweeter, HuffPost‘s Elise Foley, wielded her online prowess to ridicule the work of Breitbart NewsMatthew Boyle.

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By this point we know full well that Breitbart is largely an arm of the GOP. This should’t be “news” for anyone. Nor should it shock that HuffPost obviously tilts left.

Foley’s tweet incited other journalists around town to also make fun of Boyle’s piece.

Lefty Adam Serwer (who, like a little bitch, blocked me last December after The Mirror published an item about how he left “Morning Joe” out of his cutting commentary on the right’s treatment of Pajama Boy) replied, “Lol.” So apparently he can dish it out.

Roll Call‘s Niels Lesniewski remarked, “@elisefoley I’m sure you could find immigration experts to dispute that report.”

Elise fueled the fire: “@nielslesniewski no, all national immigration experts agree.”

Slate‘s Betsy Woodruff weighed in with a hashtag. “#NotAllNationalImmigrationExperts,” she wrote.

The Daily Beast‘s Ben Jacobs jumped on the bandwagon, writing,  “The writing is more than a little awkward though.”

Excuse me, since when did they form some sort of online salon?

Elise continued by giving Boyle a tweeting swirly. “@woodruffbets @nielslesniewski No it’s literally the one thing they are all sure of. There’s only one thing, and it is that,” she pressed.

Next up: Left-wing Media Matters Eric Boehlert entered the fray to insult the entirety of Breitbart News. “@elisefoley @aterkel I keep urging Breitbart to hire editors; they keep declining,” he cracked.

The Guardian‘s Jon Swaine piled on with this: “I watched him try to get Chris Christie to comment for this and Christie ran a mile.”

Asked for reaction to Elise & The Gang ridiculing his story, Boyle had quite a mouthful of a reply. Gee I really hope this doesn’t cause Elise to go on another twitterfest. Though he tries to drag The Daily Caller into this, I will not respond to his assumption that the TheDC “agrees” with his reporting.

Boyle assured me by email that these lefty reporters don’t scare him one bit and reduced them to crying pro-Obama babies.

“The Institutional Left is doing everything they can to keep accurate reporting about the threats of illegal immigration out of the news, so that’s why you see us at Breitbart News and so many other outlets like my friends at The Daily Caller, National Review and elsewhere working overtime to report the effects this scandal of epic proportions has on the American people,” he wrote.

“Illegal immigration affects every part of every American’s life, from economic security to the safety of people’s families from crime, terror and public health concerns–and that’s just the tip of the iceberg,” he continued. “As I’m sure you guys at TheDC agree, the efforts of a few inside the beltway in Washington to scare us away from reporting on this won’t stop any of us. Behold the meltdown of the mainstream media’s carefully crafted pro-Obama immigration narratives pre-election time.”