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Why Should You Vote For Hillary Clinton? Because ‘It’s Her Turn’

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Competence? Qualifications? Basic sentience? Such considerations are secondary. Hillary should be our next president because… well, because otherwise, it’s simply not fair.

Take it away, super-geniuses Ronan Farrow and Jim Messina:

This changes everything. Until Messina explained the facts, I was planning to vote for anybody but Hillary. In my ignorant folly, I opposed her because she’s a liar, an incompetent, a creepy old lady, and just generally a bad person.

All those things are still true. But now I realize why I was wrong: It’s her turn.

Don’t pester the next President of the United States with your petty concerns, you disgusting rabble. Do not stand in the way of history. Or, to be more precise, herstory.

#ReadyForHillary? I sure am!

(Hat tip: Daniel Halper)