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Barack Obama: Sore Winner

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During his time in the national spotlight, Barack Obama has shown us many things about himself. Many deeply, deeply unpleasant things. One of his more unfortunate personal traits is that he’s fueled by petulant spite against anyone who opposes him.

He’s got it so bad, he can’t even accept an opponent’s defeat graciously. Instead, he puts words in the man’s mouth and holds them against him. Annie Karni and Celeste Katz, NYDN:

President Obama was shocked and irritated by Mitt Romney’s concession call in the 2012 presidential election — and claimed Romney insinuated that Obama won only by getting out the black vote, according to a new book by presidential campaign strategist David Axelrod.

Obama was “unsmiling during the call, and slightly irritated when it was over,” Axelrod writes…

“‘You really did a great job of getting the vote out in places like Cleveland and Milwaukee,’ in other words, black people,'” Obama said, paraphrasing Romney. “That’s what he thinks this was all about.”

Note that it was Obama, not Romney, who said, “In other words, black people.” I was under the impression that there were people of many races in Cleveland and Milwaukee, but clearly Obama knows better than that.

What a sad little child-king. Everybody’s always mean to him and he never gets to do what he wants. What a disappointment you’ve been, America.

The good news is that Obama will never win anything again. He certainly didn’t in 2014. And as bad as he is at winning, he’s an even worse loser.

Which is fine. 🙂