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‘Smug,’ ‘Douche’ And ‘Alec Baldwin’ Appear In This Story — But Not How You Would Expect

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Let’s try to follow Alec Baldwin‘s thick, brainless thought process.

On Thursday morning, the actor who MSNBC fired for calling a New York photographer a faggot (he claims he said “fathead” not “faggot”)  quotes a NYT headline saying NBC News anchor Brian Williams admitted he wasn’t on the helicopter that was shot down by a rocket-propelled grenade. This was 7:01 a.m. (Just in case CNN’s Brian Stelter is following all this nerdiness on his Smartphone.)

One hour and 50 minutes later, Baldwin lashes out at Daily Caller reporter Chuck Ross (and all reporters here, really, since he’s so well-acqainted with us) for reporting that Williams lied to Baldwin in 2013 about being shot down in a helicopter. Which, um, turned out to be false as the world learned Wednesday night that Williams had bizarrely dreamed up the near death experience.

Naturally in Baldwin’s mind, anyone who questions the truthfulness of what Williams told Baldwin during an interview is a douchebag.

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Ross, one of the so-called “douches,” fired back at Baldwin with a few pointed tweets.

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When asked for comment on Baldwin’s tantrum, he told The Mirror, “Brian Williams appears to have lied to his employer, the troops, the nation, David Letterman and Alec Baldwin, but, yeah, I’m the asshole.”

Asked to psychologically assess Baldwin, Ross said, “I think Baldwin must be taking the anger he, as a self-respecting alpha male, must have towards Williams for lying to his face out on the reporter who wrote the story. Either that, or he thinks millionaire journalists should be able to lie if they want to.”

 Random comments from The Daily Caller newsroom:

  • “Does he not have any balls? He pretends to call us smug douches. So cough it up…he uses this weasel word ‘seems’. That’s a drive-by pussy smear. Come on down, let’s have it out. He’s pretty fucking lame.”
  • “You mean that guy from Hunt for Red October?”
  • “Why are Hollywood actors such smug bastards who think they know better than us?”
  • “It’s a terrible temptation to be smug when that’s the best insult Hollywood can offer.”
  • “Touching coming from the biggest douche of them all.” (– Brian Danza)
  • “Alec Baldwin? Is that Stephen’s brother or something?”
  • “Hey, Alec, I banged Kim Basinger.”