Hillary Walks Away From Reporters’ Questions About Bribery Allegations [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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After a Wednesday event in Concord, New Hampshire, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton walked past reporters shouting questions about the allegations that she used her position as secretary of state to exchange favors in return for donations to the Clinton Foundation. (VIDEO: Judge Napolitano: Bribery Allegations Against Hillary Clinton Are ‘Truly Damning’)

Reporters began to yell out to Clinton asking for her to take her questions. “Madam Secretary! Madam Secretary!”

“You said yesterday the distraction– that the Clinton Cash was a distraction,” said on reporter. “Could you comment on the specific allegations, though?

“Are you going to address those questions more fully?” another reporter can be heard asking.

Clinton’s response was to smile and nod… and walk away. (VIDEO: MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell: ‘Everybody In The Media’ Being ‘Used’ By Hillary)

[h/t Washington Free Beacon]

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