Limbaugh: Baltimore Mayor Undergoing ‘Graduate School’ With Al Sharpton [AUDIO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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During his Friday show, radio host Rush Limbaugh continued his critique of Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, saying that her left-wing education is evolving now that Al Sharpton is in Baltimore.

After rattling off facts about Rawlings-Blake’s education at Oberlin College, Limbaugh said that she’s only furthering her education by attending “graduate school with the justice brothers,” namely Sharpton.

“What’s missing here? As you listen to her basically recite her resume and her education history, what is missing?  She went to ‘the best high school in the city,’ and then she went to Oberlin,” Limbaugh said. “Oberlin College is one of the most left-wing — and that’s saying something — universities in the country.”

“She says, ‘I needed know how government works, so I went to a class. I studied government. I had to know how government worked,” Limbaugh said quoting the mayor. “Okay, what are you gonna be taught about government and how it works in a classroom with a bunch of instructors at the most liberal university in the country, or one of them? Well, whatever you’re taught, you learn it all in the classroom.

“And then economics. I knew I needed to know economics, but I don’t like economics. I hate economics. But I knew I had to learn it if I’m gonna be of service,” Limbaugh said quoting Rawlings-Blake.

“So she learned economics, in the classroom at one of the most left-wing universities all across the fruited plain,” he said. “And then after learning about government and then after learning about economics — all on campus — she then went to law school because she figured that the work she intended to do for her city and her community she would have to know law.”

“So she went to law school and another bunch of classrooms, and as soon as she got out of the classroom, she ran for city council. Why? Because she loves the city,” Rush told his listeners. “What’s missing is any… just like Obama. What’s missing with Obama? What’s missing with everybody in the Obama cabinet? What’s missing with every high-ranking individual in the Obama regime? Experience in the real world. I don’t like using the term ‘private sector.'”

“Whatever she learned in the classrooms at Oberlin College is what she has taken to the mayor’s office, and now she has graduate school with the Justice Brothers,” Limbaugh said. “That would be the Reverend Sharpton.”