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Conservative Provocateur: ‘Democrats Have Raped Black People’

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With degrees in electrical engineering, computer science and math, and multiple black belts in martial arts, this Texas-raised conservative wants to end identity politics for good in America. He thinks conservatives need new people, like him, selling conservative ideas.

If he gets the right attention and support, he just may put the left on defense.

Kevin Jackson was raised by his grandparents after his mother died when he was five. His father was in jail. His grandparents were caretakers on a huge ranch where the white family owners treated Kevin and his guardians like family, too. Color wasn’t ever an issue, he says. Because of this positive environment, he says he was raised both “rich and poor.” He explains more in his three books.

Now a popular blogger, appearing frequently on Fox News and the speaker circuit, the well-traveled Jackson loves America and says it is time to “show the idiocy of liberal ideas.” He has heard all the pejoratives thrown at him by liberals for violating their orthodoxy, but he is unapologetic in his pro-American, limited government views.

With clever ways to open minds and change hearts, Jackson makes his audience smile, think and wonder why more conservatives don’t sound as passionate as he does.

In this interview, Jackson discusses how Democrats excel at making themselves look good, while convincing blacks that conservatives and Republicans are bad, evil and racist. Contrasting the rhetorical flourish of the Democrats to a rapist who makes his victims feel they, not the rapist, are responsible for the crime, Jackson says “Democrats have raped black people and raped America and then said, they [Republicans] did it.”

On the Democrats’ screed about how requiring valid voter ID for voter integrity is racist, Jackson wonders why conservatives don’t just confront Democrats by wondering why they believe that blacks are too stupid to get IDs. Then, he asks, “How about I go to the bank and ask for Denzel Washington’s money without an ID?”

On memes about illegal immigration, the cops killing blacks and voter ID, Jackson believes they are “patently ridiculous!”

Jackson sees vast opportunities to market conservative ideas. Yet, decades of blown-dried, white pols haven’t considered or funded anything like Jackson’s entrepreneurial, common sense ideas. His curve balls just might decimate liberal narratives that are fostering envy and division in America.

As for President Obama’s troubled legacy, Jackson says, if the truth is allowed to be spoken, Obama will be remembered as the “worst president ever.”

Listen to the end of the interview where he discloses his “eye contact game,” in which he says, “Washington is Hollywood for ugly people.”

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