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Dr. Phil Writes For HuffPost: Who Knew? 

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Dr. Phil writes for Huffington Post.

When in the hell did that happen?

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The balding, fast talking TV therapist doesn’t put HuffPost in his Twitter bio, but he does mention his association to the site in a banner on the top of his website. (For anyone who cares, he has a Ph.D in Psychology but he is no longer a licensed psychologist.)

As it happens, Dr. Phil doesn’t actually write with any consistency for HuffPost. He appears to have his own page and on it they post videos of excerpts of his show and an anonymous byline writes up a synopsis.

For instance, today’s is this:

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Sometimes whoever’s manning the page gets rather lazy and takes an excerpt from one of his books. For example, there’s this:

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At the bottom of the story is an explanatory note: “Modified excerpt from The Self Matters Companion: Helping You Create Your Life From The Inside Out by Phillip C. McGraw, PhD, Free Press.”

Honestly, the whole page reads like a big, old, obnoxious advertisement for Dr. Phil’s daytime talk show.

But fine, occasionally the good, unlicensed doctor actually does write something for HuffPost. On May 6, he addressed the topic of the cyberbullying epidemic. It’s unclear if the “story” is exclusive to HuffPost.

In place of a byline, Dr. Phil likes to autograph his pieces.

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