Juan Williams Compares Tom Brady To Hillary: ‘She Destroyed The Server!’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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The Tom Brady fiasco is a mere 24 hours old, but that was long enough for Fox News’ Juan Williams to draw a direct line from the New England Patriots quarterback to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

During an appearance on ESPN’s “Outside The Lines” Friday, Williams laughed at host Bob Ley’s point that Brady’s agent said turning over his phone was “too broad of a request,” joking that the former first lady “destroyed the server.”

“I’m sure you’ve read your share of inspector general reports over the years,” Ley told Williams. “Of what you’ve seen of the Wells Report, how well does it hang together?”

“It hangs together well for what it is. I mean, obviously this is not an indictment. What you’re looking at here though — and I thought the most damning part was Brady’s refusal to cooperate,” Williams said. “He wouldn’t give up the emails, the cell phone — and that, to me looked like a guilty man trying to hide something.”

“And his agent says it was just too broad of a request. I’m not giving up my phone, pictures,” Ley told Williams, who howled laughing in the background.

“Wait, wait — why the laughter?” Ley asked the Fox News talking head.

“Yeah, tell Hillary Clinton,” Williams said. “She destroyed the server.”

“Well, we crossed the line here,” the ESPN host said with a chuckle.