Has ISIS Resorted To Spray-Painting Threats At American Elementary Schools?

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Someone spray-painted graffiti touting the powerful reach of Islamic State on the campus of an Oregon elementary school over the weekend.

The five-word content of the large graffiti message was “ISIL we R here.” The site of the pro-terrorist tagging was Miller Elementary School in Salem, Ore., reports local Fox affiliate KPTV.

The perpetrator of the crude scrawling chose a cinder-block wall beneath a basketball goal as his graffiti canvas.

School officials quickly had the graffiti cleaned up on Monday morning.

ISIL is an acronym for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant — the purported caliphate modeled on the government regime proposed in the Koran. It now controls large swathes of the Middle East. The terms ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) and the Islamic State refer to the same thing. (“Levant” is a European colonial term for the region.)

Police in Oregon’s capital city (pop: 154,637) say they are unaware of any local jihadist activity.

Miller Elementary School principal Jessica Brenden said the sight of the graffiti was alarming.

“It was a big surprise that it happened here at Miller,” Brenden told KPTV.

“It’s unfortunate we had to put resources into cleaning it up when the resources could be spent in the classroom,” the principal added.

Police say they only know the graffiti appeared sometime between Friday afternoon and Monday morning. They have very few other clues to go on and have appealed to community members for help.

Back in February, leaders of ISIS took to the group’s propaganda magazine to urge followers to assassinate an American college professor. (RELATED: ISIS Is Now Threatening To Murder A COLLEGE PROFESSOR IN TENNESSEE)

The professor, Yasir Qadhi, teaches at Rhodes College, a private bastion of the liberal arts in Memphis, Tenn.

Qadhi, born in Houston, Texas, specializes in religious studies. He is also a Muslim cleric and the resident scholar at the Memphis Islamic Center.

ISIS and its adherents don’t like Qadhi because he stands athwart the radical Muslim entity, yelling stop.

“Contrary to popular opinion, ISIS does not have support in the American Muslim community,” he said when the calls for assassination were fresh.

“ISIS does not represent my faith, their actions are in contradiction to my faith, and I’m appalled at what they are doing in the name of my faith,” the professor added. (RELATED: ISIS Yearns To Be North Korea And Nine More Things You Won’t Believe About These LUNATICS)

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