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White House Reporter Tommy Christopher Dons Summer Headwear

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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If you routinely watch White House press briefings, you might have noticed the one journalist who always wears a top hat. Sure, it may be rude to wear a hat inside. But it’s also his signature attire at this point so it can’t be helped.

To most everyone’s shock and dismay, in the last few weeks The Daily Banter‘s White House correspondent Tommy Christopher, who back in February captured video of the White House shitter (and not the lavish ones upstairs, but the cheap one downstairs), has donned a new hat.

His old hat was a precious gift given to him by one of his children, which is why he said it was so important for him to wear it all the time.

The Mirror reached out to Christopher for a fresh perspective on his new headwear.

Me: “I realize there are more important things going on in the world, but what is the story behind the new hat? Quite a change from the last.”

Tommy: “You are wrong, my hat is the most important thing in the world. The white hat is more summer appropriate. But I’m still bad to the bone. Make sure you say something about Jared Rizzo’s shirt, too.”

Me: “What does Jared Rizzo’s shirt look like?” [Rizzo works for SiriusXM.]

Tommy: “A tablecloth. But an awesome tablecloth.”

Then the unthinkable happened.

Tommy: “Also, the white hat I got from a street vendor on 13th at G. And, as I was typing this, a guy at the White House literally asked if he could take a picture of me in it, lol. So it’s a picture of me sending you an email.”

Me: [Speechless]


If you’re wondering what Christopher’s former hat looked like, the mystery ends here.


Seems Christopher is taking fashion tips from another Washington journalist…also with Christopher in his name. Below is The Daily Caller‘s Christopher Bedford, who didn’t seem to get ruffled when told he wears the exact same hat as Christopher. His unsolicited advice for the White House correspondent is that he should not be wearing the hat inside. “It’s not gentlemanly,” Bedford told The Mirror.


Things could get a little dicy. A Mirror spy sent in this photo. And from behind, you really can’t tell if it’s Christopher or Bedford.


Editor’s note: The first photograph of Bedford was taken by Grae Stafford.