Emails: Hillary Used iPad And Blackberry, Despite Previous Claim

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Leading Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told the nation that she only used one device, a Blackberry, for her official email while secretary of state, and she promised those emails were secure. But new emails to her friend Sidney Blumenthal casts doubt on that assertion.

In an email dated Aug. 30, 2012, then Secretary Clinton was soliciting more intelligence from Blumenthal, who was not a State Department employee, regarding an upcoming meeting with the National Transition Council of Libya. The NTC was the governing body of Libya after the fall of dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

In the solicitation, Clinton mentioned that she was without Blackberry coverage or power after Tropical Storm Irene hit the East Coast. As a result, she switched to a “new iPad” for her email and wasn’t sure her emails were going through. (RELATED: Hillary Claimed Blumenthal Sent Her ‘Unsolicited’ Intel. These Emails Undermine That Claim)

“I still don’t have electricity or Blackberry coverage post Irene,” Clinton wrote, “so ive (sic) had to resort new iPad! Let me know if you receive this.”

Blumenthal, who was consulting for companies seeking to do business in Libya post-Gaddafi and a paid consultant for the Clinton Foundation at the time, sent Hillary and email with the subject line, “H: Very good intel re: inside NTC, Sid.”

Clinton told Blumenthal she was traveling to Paris the following night to meet with leaders of the NTC, “so this and additional info useful.”

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The Republican National Committee found this was the fourth time Clinton is known to have solicited intel on Libya from Blumenthal.

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Clinton had previously claimed emails on Libya from Blumenthal were “unsolicited.”