The Tires Of The Future Never Go Flat

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Hankook, the South Korean tire company, has completed initial testing on a futuristic tire that will never go flat.

The non-pneumatic tires do not require any air pressure Wired reported Tuesday.

Instead, the tire itself consists of a new type of eco-friendly material; Hankook was reluctant to divulge the specifics.

Dubbed the “iFlex,” its eco-friendly material contains geometric shapes that are able to provide the springiness and bounce normally found in tires with air pressure.

Originally debuted in 2013 as one integrated unit with the tire and rim coupled in one, the fifth-generation airless tire is compatible with current vehicles as it can mount on traditional rims.

The iFlex has been through a gamut of trials designed to test its viability in comparison to conventional tires. At speeds of up to 80 mph, the tire can hold its own with traditional tires in terms of durability, hardness, stability, and slalom.

Hankook is not the only company seeking to revolutionize the tire industry. Manufacturing giant, Bridgestone, has been attempting to make an airless tire since at least 2011.

Startup company, Resilient Technologies, has been acquired by ATV manufacturer Polaris to put airless tires on vehicles for use by the U.S. military, with the hope that they can avoid being blown out when under attack.

There is currently no time frame for the release of iFlex.