Jeff Sessions Backs Trump On Birthright Citizenship: ‘Absolutely Not An Extreme Position’ [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Sen. Jeff Sessions lent credit to Donald Trump’s stance on the 14th amendment, telling Laura Ingraham Monday that the “matter is somewhat disputed,” and the Republican front-runner’s view on birthright citizenship is “not an extreme position.”

INGRAHAM: The idea that you have to change the Constitution to get right on this birthright citizenship deal is ridiculous. Joining us now, Sen. Jeff Sessions from the great state of Alabama … Is Trump right on the birthright citizenship issue?

SESSIONS: Look, the matter is somewhat disputed, but Ed Meese — former Attorney General for Ronald Reagan — wrote a paper with some other scholars, a number of years ago, declaring that it does not mandate a person that is born here with parents who are illegal get citizenship in the United States. And it’s a pretty persuasive paper. This absolutely is not an extreme position.

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