In An Effort To Get Marginally Famous Again, Former Rappers Stalk Police With Gun

Emma Colton Deputy Editor
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An arrest warrant was issued for former rappers who filmed themselves stalking a Los Angeles police officer with a gun in an alleged ploy to make a comeback on the rap scene.

A video surfaced on Instagram last week of an unidentified man creeping up in a car behind a parked police vehicle, while he proudly brandished a gun for the camera. The video has since been pulled from the social media site, but not before the LAPD was alerted, according to ABC7.

“The investigation revealed that the film was made by members of an early 1990s rap group no longer in fashion. The film was made and posted on social media to ignite a comeback by the rap group,” the LAPD wrote in a press release on Tuesday.

The police held a conference on Tuesday and revealed they are aware of the identities of the three wannabe rappers who filmed themselves, and even arrested one of them over the weekend. The main perp with the gun, however, is still at large, ABC7 reported.

“It’s terrifying,’ founder of the LAPD Wives Association, Lynn Caprarelli told the Daily Mail Online. “It’s not like we don’t know about the threats but when you see footage like that makes it all the more real.”

The police also identified the officer filmed in the video as a member of LA’s Central Division of robbery and homicide, but would not release his name to the public. (RELATED: Atlanta Police Arrest Woman Just For Threatening Cops And White People)

Caprarelli explained she fears for police across the country as this is just the most recent example of people making threats on the lives of cops.

“These threats… they are getting more frequent and terrifying. I hope they catch this man. But there are thousands more who have complete disregard for police and see them as their target,” Caprarelli told the Daily Mail.

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