Rosie O’ Donnell’s Daughter: ‘My Mom Is A Pot Smoking Phony’

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Rosie O’Donnell’s 18-year-old daughter is now claiming she didn’t run away in August like her mother claimed she did, but that she was kicked out of the house two weeks before her 18th birthday instead.

In a shocking new interview with the Daily Mail, Chelsea O’Donnell blasts her mother as a pot-smoking phony.

“I find her not genuine a lot of the time,” Chelsea said. “When we’d go out, she was a completely different person in public than at home and I had a hard time with that. It’s like two different people.”

Rosie O'Donnel daughter interview

Rosie and Chelsea at a New York event several years ago. (Photo: Getty Images)

“She has this public persona; she will put this big smile on her face and try to be funny. She would always go up to people and want to hold their babies in public. She had this happy, friendly side to her.”

“Whereas when we were home, even if it was on the same day, she would either just be in her room, not engaging with us, or watching documentaries. And if we didn’t want to do what she wanted to do, it would cause a big issue.”

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Chelsea also said her mother smoked weed and drank alcohol frequently. (RELATED: Chelsea Clinton: A Kanye West Presidential Bid Would Be ‘Awesome’)

“She would drink beer when we were growing up but after her heart attack she couldn’t. Now I think she drinks wine. I mean, she smokes weed – not around us – but the whole house smells like it.”

Chelsea said she didn’t run away, but was kicked out by her mom.

“Rosie said that I was almost 18, and she got all this crap from work, and she didn’t want to have to deal with that at home too.”

A spokesperson for Rosie said the interview was “heartbreaking on every level.” (RELATED: Sponsors Yank Ads From ‘The View’ After Disrespectful Nurse Jokes)