Sanders Admits Democratic Socialism Makes Americans ‘Very, Very Nervous’

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Democratic presidential candidate [crscore]Bernard Sanders[/crscore] admitted to a group of supporters on Sunday that “democratic socialism” makes people “very, very nervous,” The Washington Post reports.

At a house party in Iowa, the Vermont senator said “I think we have some explaining and work to do.” So Sanders said he is planning to deliver a speech on his political philosophy.

Sanders has unapologetically stood behind his “democratic socialist” views during his campaign for the Democratic nomination.

Sanders, the longest-serving independent in U.S. congressional history, has advocated for free tuition at public colleges and universities, put forward plans for guaranteed family leave for workers, and ruthlessly attacked America’s wealthy. But Sanders has been unclear as to just how far he would push his socialist views.

Sanders said the upcoming speech is one of several his campaign is planning for the coming months.

Sanders is currently on a two-day stop in Iowa. During the trip, Sanders was asked about Larry David’s impersonation of Sanders on “Saturday Night Live.”

“I own one pair of underwear, that’s it! Some of these billionaires, they have three, four pairs,” David said while posing as Sanders.

Sanders assured supporters that he has “an ample supply.”

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