VIRAL: Conservative Web Host: ‘Muslims Aren’t A Race’ [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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In a recent video blog, conservative web host Alfonzo Rachel destroyed the left’s argument that Donald Trump’s proposed moratorium on Muslim immigration is “racist.”

“You liberals don’t seem to be aware that Muslims aren’t a race,” begins Rachel. “A Muslim is anybody who follows Islam.”

“The actual racists are you — who assign a religion to a race — profiling, stereotypers or whatever,” he added.

“I’d still consider Trump to be more of an American than any liberal, even despite his left-laden past.”

Additionally, Rachel notes that “liberals try to say that terrorists are just a minority fringe element:”

Yet this minority fringe element is causing multitudes to flee their nations. Quick reminder: the Nazis were a minority in Germany too, and they killed over six million Jews. And when these refugees have no place else to run after the liberals have handed us over to the Muslims like Bernie Sanders handed that podium over to those two girls from the Black Lives Matter movement, they will yield to will of the true believers and slaughter non-Muslims to protect your own lives. I’m sorry, but you’re foolish if you think that that’s just some extreme theory. It happens every day. 


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