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Syrian Refugees In Norway Have Pictures Of Severed Heads And Executions On Their Phones

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Well, not all Syrian refugees in Norway. #NotAllMuslims, remember? If you point out that a Muslim has done something that could be criticized in any way, that means you’re blaming all Muslims and you’re a racist.

Besides, what’s wrong with people having pictures on their phones? It’s 2015! What, you don’t have pictures on your phone?

Imogen Calderwood, Daily Mail (UK):

Hundreds of asylum-seekers entering Norway were discovered to have images of ‘executions’ and ‘severed heads’ on their mobile phones…

The Police Immigration Service (PU) in Norway has been forced to work overtime and under severe pressure due to the massive numbers of asylum-seekers hoping to take refuge in the country.

But after searching belongings and mobile phones belonging to refugees and migrants crossing the border, police discovered ‘hundreds’ of examples of ‘photos and videos of executions and brutal punishments, such as images of people holding up severed heads or hands’.

They also reportedly found photographs of dead children and other victims of war, crimes and terrorism.

This is shocking. It’s incredibly racist to judge people by their religion and their fondness for pictures of butchered corpses. Whatever happened to tolerating other people’s cultural differences?

If anything, this is just further proof that the United States needs to accept as many Syrian refugees as possible. I’m not really sure how that works, but just shut up, you racists.

And don’t bring up San Bernardino. Or Paris. Or UC Merced. Or Benghazi. Or 9/11. Or any of it. You don’t get to do that. Christians and Jews do bad things too, y’know.