Here’s Audio Of An NPR Host Saying Geraldine Ferraro Was ‘Schlonged’ Back In 2011 [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been criticized this week for saying Hillary Clinton “got schlonged” in 2008, yet he has maintained that the term was not vulgar and is “a commonly used word in politics” to describe someone who is “beaten badly.”

 In fact, Trump noted Tuesday that NPR radio host Neal Conan used the same term to describe Geraldine Ferraro — who in 1984 became the first female vice presidential candidate — in a 2011 broadcast, audio of which recently surfaced on Reddit(RELATED: Trump Is In It For The Schlong Haul)

Conan can be heard telling Chris Cillizza that the Walter Mondal/Ferraro “ticket went on to get schlonged at the polls” back in 1984.

“Absolutely historic moment, Neal,” Cillizza replies, “but as you point out, lost 49 states. The only state that that ticket won, which was led by Walter Mondale, was his home state of Minnesota.”


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