‘ISIS Inspired’ Teen Planned ‘Kangaroo Bomb’ In Australia

Alexa Santry Contributor
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An Australian teen was committed to trial Thursday for terror charges, one of which included a plan to stuff a kangaroo with explosives, paint the ISIS symbol on it, and use it to attack police, Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports.

Sevdet Ramadan Besim, the 19-year-old being charged, was planning the attack for Anzac Day, a veterans Remembrance Day celebrated in April throughout Australia and New Zealand.

According to court documents, Besim was communicating his plans with a teenager in the UK. The court documents summarized the discussion between the teens: “The conversation continues with Besim detailing what he did that day and they have a general discussion around animals and wildlife in Australia including a suggestion that a kangaroo could be packed with C4 explosive, painted with the [ISIS] symbol and set loose on police officers.”

The teen communicated to his UK partner that he was, “ready to fight these dogs on their doorstep.” An Australian newspaper reports Besim is alleged to have written, “I’d love to take out some cops,” and “I was gonna meet with them then take some heads ahaha.”

Besim also discussed plans to run over and behead a police officer. His attack was foiled last April when he was arrested, along with three other teens, and has remained in custody since.

Following the arrest, Australian police forces stated that they believed the teen’s actions were “ISIS-inspired.”

Besim is scheduled to face the Victorian Supreme Court on Feb. 3.