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Is Hillary Clinton Healthy Enough To Be President?

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Physically healthy, I mean. She’s uniquely unsuited for the job in every other way, but at least we can count on her to endure the rigors of a four-year term, right? Or will she succumb to awful coughing spasms whenever things get tough?

Here she is in Harlem yesterday:

Looks like desperately pandering to black voters takes a lot out of a gal.

This rather disconcerting coughing fit follows a similar one in Iowa a few weeks ago:

And another one during the Benghazi hearing last October:

It’s uncomfortable to watch an old woman struggle with such a nagging cough. Especially when she wants to be the most powerful person in the free world.

Bernie Sanders is even older than she is, and he’s done just as much talking lately, if not more. How many minutes-long coughing jags has he gone on?

I don’t wish any sort of illness on Hillary Clinton. But if there’s something physically wrong with her, she needs to tell her voters now.

Hillary 2016: Old, Frail, and Dishonest