Watch A Freight Train Almost Ram School Bus Full Of TERRIFIED Students [VIDEO]

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A Texas school bus driver is out of a job after she stopped her high school student-laden bus just inches — really, inches — past a freight train barreling down the tracks.

The incident occurred earlier this month at an intersection near Klein Oak High School in the suburbs of Houston, reports local NBC affiliate KPRC.

The bus driver crossed the tracks as the lights warning of a train began to flash. She then stopped the bus at a stop sign. The rear of the bus was perilously close to the train as it passed — and possibly on the tracks just before the train arrived.


“This bus driver crazy, bro,” the synopsis of the video explains.

“We were all screaming and telling her to move forward. Everyone was just really freaking out,” sophomore Harold VanAlstyne IV told KPRC.

“I got up and I ran to the middle of the front of the bus and I got down and I braced myself, getting ready for the impact because at that moment I was scared for my life,” the student added.

It’s not clear why all the students sitting in the back of the bus didn’t also have the basic sense to move toward the front.

VanAlstyne said he believes the bus driver inched the bus forward just before a crash would surely have occurred.

According to a statement released by the school district, the unidentified bus driver “subsequently returned the bus to school reporting that the students were too loud for the bus to be driven safely.”

The driver, who appears to have broken Texas law by stopping way too close to a train track when a train was nearbly, then quit her job, her daughter told the NBC affiliate.

The bus driver’s daughter claimed her mother had been driving a yellow rig for two decades and had been repeatedly subject to bullying.

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