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Are Wesley Lowery And Ryan Reilly Really On The Lam?

Washington reporters Wesley Lowery and Ryan Reilly are purportedly on the lam this afternoon as warrants have been issued for their arrests.



The pair are facing charges in St. Louis County after an incident involving police at a McDonald’s in Ferguson in 2014.

But it’s not likely the tough guys who can’t get enough of each other will see a jail cell anytime soon.

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In a subsequent tweet, Reilly, who works for HuffPost, explained that the warrants were issued in error and would likely be recalled before the end of the day.

He remarked sarcastically, “Just a real top-notch operation they’ve got going on over there in St. Louis County. Bravo, guys.”

Lowery, a race reporter at WaPo, was strangely silent on the matter on Twitter this afternoon.

The Mirror sought comment from Reilly and Lowery.

(If I spot them — sorry guys — I love you, but I’m going to have to call the authorities.)