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Now Trump Says Michelle Fields Could’ve Been A Deadly Assassin

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A few weeks ago, this happened at a Trump event:

And then, a little later, this happened:

And then, yesterday, this happened:

First Trump said it was nothing and Michelle Fields made it all up. Now he’s saying her pen could’ve been a knife or a bomb. Suddenly she’s Elektra the Assassin. And because it’s not enough for him to be insane, Trump has to smear her even further by saying she probably lied about her bruises. Today, he’ll probably tell some more ridiculous lies.

Trump and his cronies have created this fiasco for themselves. They could’ve done one simple thing to prevent this, but it’s the one thing they can’t bring themselves to do: Apologize for making a mistake.

I agree with everything Mark Levin said about this yesterday. If you vote for Trump, if you defend the way he treats people, you’re not just a moron. You’re a bad person.

Update: This is exactly how it happened.

Update: I’m tired of this crap.