‘Totally Unfair!’ — Trump Says Colorado Vote Was Hijacked By ‘Phony Politicians’


Derek Hunter Contributor
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While the focus of the presidential campaign has been on New York’s April 19th primary, Texas Senator Ted Cruz has successfully locked up all of Colorado’s 34 Republican delegates.

This left New York billionaire Donald Trump angry at the outcome:

The Colorado GOP decided to do away with their primary this election cycle, opting to choose their delegates on a district-by-district process and at a state convention, which concluded Saturday.

The Cruz campaign worked each of the districts, winning all of them, culminating with a sweep at the convention. Trump’s campaign attempted to win some delegates, but their effort was riddled with problems. CNN reports:

Trump’s campaign, by contrast, initially distributed fliers listing the campaign’s national delegate candidates that were riddled with errors. The flier displaying the Trump slate is supposed to be the tip sheet that party members use to fill out their ballot. But on the first slate that the Trump campaign was giving out, more than a half dozen of their delegate candidates were listed with the wrong delegate number. At least one of the delegate numbers corresponded to a delegate supporting Cruz.
The Trump campaign reprinted the flier, but the second flier also included several errors.
Trump was clearly not happy with the state party and the new delegate selection process.

The parties in each state determine how they select and allocate their delegates.