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Rachel Dolezal Is Back, And She’s Still Black

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In 2016 America, you can become anyone or anything you want to be. A woman can become a man. A man can become a woman. A man who becomes a woman can then become a dragon. Your biology no longer determines your identity. And once you decide that your new self is your true self, anyone who disagrees — hell, anyone who doesn’t applaud loudly enough — is now a bigot.

With one notable exception.

From this morning’s edition of the Today Show:

Rachel Dolezal wasn’t hurting anybody, out there in Spokane. She was just doing her own thing. If she’d never given that interview, if that reporter hadn’t asked her that question, she could’ve just kept living her life and being exactly who she wanted to be.

Now she can’t, and nobody seems to be able to explain why not. No, she wasn’t born black. But Bruce Jenner wasn’t born a woman, and he didn’t spend his first 65 years as a woman. And yet a lot of people don’t like to hear the name his parents gave him when he was born. They don’t like it when I call him “him,” just because that’s what his chromosomes say he is. I’m a bad person because I value facts over feelings.

Whereas biology takes center stage when it comes to Rachel Dolezal. She’s bound by her genes. She can’t break free. She isn’t who she believes herself to be, because other people say she isn’t. She doesn’t get to choose her own identity. She can’t be race-fluid.

Hell, she would’ve had an easier time coming out as a white man than as a black woman. And in 2016, what’s worse than being a white man?

We live in a world where men fight for the right to use women’s restrooms, yet a white woman isn’t supposed to subscribe to Essence.

Well, I hope Rachel Dolezal doesn’t listen to those hypocrites. Either a person can choose his, her, or xer own identity, or he, she, or xe can’t. Dolezal says she’s black, so she’s black. Nobody else gets to tell her who she really is.

Do you have a problem with that, racist?