Trump Jr: ‘Archaic’ Delegate Voting System ‘Made Sense 200 Years Ago’ [VIDEO]

Derek Draplin Associate Editor

Donald Trump, Jr. excoriated the “archaic” delegate voting system where up-for-grab delegates can be bribed, saying that the establishment loves this system and his father “doesn’t want to play the game that way” because it’s bad for American voters.

“The fact that the average voter doesn’t even know that their vote may not matter or that their vote matters but if you don’t talk about the delegates — you know my father could do more wooing than anyone, he just doesn’t want to play the game that way. He doesn’t think it’s right for the country,” Trump told CNN’s “State of the Union” host Jake Tapper on Sunday.

Donald Trump Jr.: Why should a couple people who are establishment elitist [sic] get to go on beautiful vacations? I mean he could send his private plane and take them down to Doral and play golf for a week and then we win that delegate. That’s the not the way this country should be run, Jake. I’m here with two congressmen from the state of Pennsylvania and we have to print out cards because every district of the hundreds of districts in the state have three people that could serve as delegates for us or someone else. So could you could actually win the state in a landslide, and of 70-something delegates that are there you only get 17. The other 50 and change, they are up for grabs for whoever bribes them. This isn’t America, this isn’t a country. This is the way it’s been and some of these systems, I understand, they made sense 200 years ago when everyone lived on a farm in the middle of nowhere. But I have the Library of Congress in my iPhone. I have all the information I could possibly need. Most people still have cable television and certainly access to news, they know what’s going on. They don’t need this archaic system. But the establishment — and the guys like [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] — love this system because they don’t actually have to appeal to the voters, they don’t have to care what the voters say. They just have to go grab these umpteen people who have been party loyalists and do whatever the party says, and that’s the problem in Washington, that’s what creates the stalemate.

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