BBC Silences Discussion Of Islamic Terrorism And Rape Of Young Girls [AUDIO]

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BBC radio ended an interview with Ryan Girdusky, a writer for Red Alert Politics and a Donald Trump supporter, after he brought up Islamic terrorism and the rape of young women in England by Muslim men.

In an interview on BBC 5’s program Up All Night on Friday, host Dotun Adebayo said, “I’m assuming though that you will accept that [Trump’s] plan to ban all Muslims from America would be considered to be racist, if not sectarian.” (RELATED: Trump Calls For Moratorium On Muslims Entering United States)

“No, no, no, I’m sorry you are misrepresenting him,” Girdusky retorted. Trump “did not say I’m going to ban all Muslims. He said he would have a halt on Muslim immigration until the visa system could be improved.”

“I’ll accept that, but most people, you must agree that if that’s not racist it’s at least it is sectarian,” the BBC host replied. “Will Trump soften on that position?”

Girdusky responded arguing that Trump has “said that he is going to put Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City during 9/11 in charge of a commission that would sit there and say, how do we improve our visa system so another San Bernardino, another 9/11, another Boston bombing does not happen in the United States of America and how do we stop the carnage of importing terrorism.”

Adebayo interjected, “And not to talk of homegrown terrorist Timothy McVeigh, Timothy McVeigh was not a Muslim?”


Acknowledging the Oklahoma City bombing by McVeigh, Girdusky replied, “Yes, 20 years ago we had an insane white man who was born and bred in America. And since those 20 years though we’ve had dozens of attempted or successful terrorist attacks by Muslims, many of them who were not born in this country. So let’s take care of the problem of today, not the problem of 20 years ago. And, the problem of today is [that] a lot of times terrorist attacks are created by Muslims, whether you like it or not.”

“England has their own problems with Muslims, up in Northern England raping little white girls,” Girdusky argued.

WATCH (relevant audio begins at 7:29):

“Oh come on Ryan, come on,” Adebayo said in an attempt to talk over Girdusky .

“That’s true, did that not happen?” Girdusky asked. “Did they not target little white girls?”

“Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, that is beneath you,” the BBC host replied.

“Did that not happen?” Girdusky asked.

“Actually no, that’s not true as you know,”Adebayo claimed.

“So Pakistanis did not rape white girls in Rotherham, England?” Girdusky replied.

“I’m not even going to engage in this conversation Ryan, it’s really beneath me and beneath you as well,” Adebayo argued before ending the interview adding, “I do apologize for anything [Girdusky] says that might be offensive.”

According to The Telegraph, 1,400 girls were sexually abused over a 16-year time period by men of Pakistani heritage as part of a child grooming ring in the town of Rotherham. In the BBC article, the author writes, “Councillors and council staff in particular were criticized for ‘avoiding public discussion’; some through fear of being thought racist, and some through ‘wholesale denial’ of the problem.”

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