Celebrities React To Kim Kardashian/Kanye Attack Against Taylor Swift

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Celebrities rushed to defend Taylor Swift against the latest attack from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

On Monday, 23-year-old pop singer Selena Gomez took to her Twitter account to defend Swift after a video was released that claimed Swift had agreed to the lines in West’s song “Famous” that say “Why? I made that bitch famous.” (RELATED: The Kardashians Have Launched A Full-Blown Attack Against Taylor Swift)

Selena Gomez Instagram (Photo: Getty Images)

(Photo: Getty Images)

“There are more important things to talk about,” Gomez tweeted. “Why can’t people use their voice for something that fucking matters?”


“Truth is last thing we need right now is hate, in any form,” she added.

“This industry is so disappointing yet the most influential smh,” she continued.

Joining Gomez in defending Swift was 19-year-old actress Chloe Moertz, who posted her thoughts on the celebrity drama.

“Everyone in this industry needs to get their heads out of a hole and look around to realize what’s actually happening in the real world,” Moertz tweeted.

Katy Perry also took to her Twitter account after the video came out, posting a simple message to  “Rise above it all.” However, it is still unclear if she was sharing her thoughts on the feud or promoting her next single titled “Rise.”