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Another ‘Lone Wolf’ Islamic Terrorist Turns Out To Have A Pack

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It’s strange that whenever there’s an Islamic terrorist attack and we’re told the jihadi acted alone, we’re supposed to be comforted. Somehow, it’s supposed to be a relief that he wasn’t part of a larger cell or group. But if the whole idea of a terrorist attack is to infiltrate an area and catch everybody by surprise, aren’t “lone wolf” attacks even harder to prevent? Isn’t a lone terrorist more stealthy than a group of them?

But nonetheless, apparently that’s supposed to be a good thing. When it’s even true in the first place.

Aurelien Breeden, NYT:

Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, who killed 84 people in a terrorist attack in Nice, France, last week, planned his assault over several months and got help from at least five people, the Paris prosecutor said on Thursday.

However, although the Islamic State called the attacker one of its “soldiers,” there is as yet no evidence that he or the suspected accomplices had any direct contact with the terrorist network, the prosecutor, François Molins, who handles terrorism investigations in France, said at a news conference in Paris.

I could’ve sworn they told us this guy was a lone wolf. Or was that one of the other Islamic terrorist attacks? They all start to blur together.

Whether or not these death-worshipping morons are connected to ISIS, we know they all read the same books. Well, book.