Motives Unknown? ISIS Lays It Out For All The Doubters

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ISIS is sick of westerners calling its attacks “senseless violence” rather than blaming its ideology, so it laid out its explicit intentions in the latest issue of it’s Dabiq magazine with an article titled “Why we hate you and why we fight you.”

“an act of senseless violence? One would think that the average Westerner, by now, would have abandoned the tired claim that the actions of the mujahidin – who have repeatedly stated their goals, intentions, and motivations – don’t make sense”

ISIS continues:

“you know full well that the likes of the attacks carried out by Omar Mateen, Larossi Aballa, and many others before and after them in revenge for Islam and the Muslims make complete sense.”

After every major terrorist attack there is an often concerted effort to obfuscate or question the true motivation of the attacker. After Orlando, The New York Times wrote “the precise motivation for the rampage remains unclear,” prior to launching into a barely veiled attempt to blame Republican politics on transgendered bathrooms. The Atlantic blamed “toxic masculinity” for the attack, while Vox said Mateen’s rampage was a product of, “America’s hypermasculine, police-worshiping society.”

These major U.S. media outlets made these claims despite Omar Mateen’s call to 9-11 in which he explicitly declared allegiance to ISIS’s leader. Media outlets continue to refer to supposedly random attacks across Europe as “senseless violence.”

In the case of almost every recent attack in Europe, the attackers have made videos or left explicit notes declaring their allegiance to ISIS and crediting the terrorist group for their attack. Two French, ISIS-inspired terrorists broke into a Normandy Church July 27 and slit the throat of a priest. Before they slit the priest’s throat one of the teenagers gave an Arabic speech at the altar, likely declaring allegiance to ISIS.

When a 17 year old Afghan refugee hacked four people on a German train July 17, authorities found a hand-drawn ISIS flag along with a Pashto statement declaring allegiance to ISIS in his home.

The Pope said Monday terrorism flourished “when there is no other option, and as long as the world economy has at its center the god of money and not the person.”

ISIS themselves responds to any of those who would look to other motivations with the following:

“The point is, people know that it’s foolish, but they keep repeating it regardless because they’re afraid of the consequences of deviating from the script.”

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