Reporter Cracks Zika Joke With White House Press Secretary [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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A reporter cracked a Zika virus joke with White House press secretary Josh Earnest Wednesday during the daily press briefing.

Earnest began the briefing by saying, “Nice to see you all. You’ll have to bear with me a little bit today, I’m fighting off one of those nasty summer colds. So I’ll try to keep the sniffling and sneezing to a minimum up here.” (VIDEO: White House Acknowledges Iran Might Use $400 Million Payment To Sponsor Terrorism)

“You don’t think it’s Zika, do you?” a reporter asked him. (RELATED: Pest Exterminators Limited In Ability To Control Zika-Carrying Mosquitoes)

“I hope not,” Earnest replied, smiling.

The Centers for Disease Control has placed a travel alert in Miami due to the threat of the virus carried by mosquitoes.


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