CNN Panelists Bite Each Other’s Heads Off While Discussing Trump’s Immigration Polices [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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CNN contributor Ana Navarro and Helen Aguirre Ferre, the RNC’s Director of Hispanic Communications, got into a heated exchange during Monday’s broadcast of “Legal View” on CNN.

Navarro noted that Trump’s alleged softening stance on immigration is too little too late.

“It’s been a barrage, one after the other, of offensive, outrageous remarks,” Navarro stated. “He’s been kicking us like puppies!”

Host Ashley Banfield, Helen Aguirre Ferra and Ana Navarro on CNN's "Legal View" (CNN)

Host Ashley Banfield, Helen Aguirre Ferra and Ana Navarro on CNN’s “Legal View” (CNN)

Aguirre Ferre at this point remarked that Navarro’s aside “had nothing to do with immigration reform,” before being cut-off by her co-panelist.

“Listen, Helen, I let you speak,” Navarro shot back. “And I’m old enough to remember when you used to tweet against Donald Trump. I am old enough to remember when you would get as offended as I am by the things Donald Trump used to say.”

The two continued inaudibly shouting at each other until Ferre told Navarro, “you can be as offended as you want by what Donald Trump has said. I am more offended by what Hillary Clinton has done.”

“I’m offended that she panders to our community. I’m offended that Democrats take advantage of Hispanic votes and then do nothing with it. I’m offended that Hillary Clinton has flip-flopped numerous times on every aspect of immigration.”

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