Bill Jokes About Server Scandal — Condoleezza Rice ‘Didn’t Do Emails. Smart Girl’ [VIDEO]


Christian Datoc Audience Development Manager

Bill Clinton joked about his wife’s secret, State Department email server while speaking to attendees at a campaign rally in Las Vegas Wednesday.


“Now we know, after all the hullabaloo over these emails,” the former president posed to the crowd. “You know for a year we were told this was the biggest problem since the end of World War II. Oh!” (VIDEO: Bill Mocks ‘The Coal People’ In West Virginia, Kentucky Who Back Trump)

“Finally the Washington Post to their everlasting credit said ‘I think we’ve had about enough of this.'”

“We know that what Hillary said about it, talking to Secretary Powell was true. Finally. Can you believe it? They waited so long they released that email,” he continued. “And we know that Secretary Rice didn’t do email. Smart girl, but her senior aides did on personal devices, and we know that Secretary Kerry did until a law change.”

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