Donald Trump: Matt Lauer Did A Fantastic Job Moderating The Presidential Forum

(Photo: YouTube screengrab)

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent
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Donald Trump expanded on his proposal to have no moderators at the presidential debates during an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” Thursday night.

(Photo: YouTube screen grab)

(Photo: YouTube screen grab)

“I thought Matt Lauer did a fantastic job,” Trump said about the Commander-in-Chief forum held recently. “And they’re trying to game the system by saying Trump won the debate because Matt Lauer wasn’t as tough on Trump as he was on Hillary Clinton.” (RELATED: Matt Lauer Will Moderate The First Forum Between Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton)

“That wasn’t it. He was tough on me and he was tough on her.”


“They’re trying to make it so that Lester [Holt] will be really tough on me and I think it’s unfair,” he added. “They’re trying to game the system. So I said, let’s not have a moderator.” (RELATED: Hillary Clinton Is Now Fundraising By Attacking Matt Lauer)

“The concept of having us both sit onstage — or standing, I like standing much better — standing onstage and just debating … I think would be fascinating for people,” he added.