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Email Leaks: Tony Podesta Was ‘Sad’ And ‘Relieved’ About His Divorce


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Hillary Clinton‘s Campaign Chairman John Podesta keeps a good eye on his brother, Tony Podesta.

It’s evident that 2014 was a rough year.

As previously reported by The Mirror, at one point, John Podesta was concerned because in December, 2014 Tony had mixed Percocet and wine.

Earlier that year, the brothers chatted about The Washington Post‘s coverage of the divorce as well as  Heather Podesta, a lobbyist and Tony’s now ex-wife, issuing late-night subpoenas to women named “Kimberly” and “Kaia.”

The exchanges surfaced in the recent WikiLeaks dump.

Date: April 10, 2014


TONY PODESTA: Could have called lawyers to serve but now harassment has begun. Sorry you could be next.

JOHN PODESTA: Process servers?

An April 3, 2014 Washington Post story put the ugliness of Tony Podesta’s divorce on blast.

The headline reads: “Tony Podesta divorce filing: wife Heather tried to ’embarrass and harass.’ According to the story, “Ms. Podesta has sought to embarrass and harass Mr. Podesta in an effort to gain financial leverage,” the legal filing states.

By June, however, emails reveal that Tony was “sad” but at least “relieved” the ordeal appeared to be coming to an end as the couple reached a divorce settlement. On June 9, 2014, WaPo reported news of the settlement and called a “happier ending for what was shaping up to be a messy divorce.” They both issued public notes of love and respect for each other.

Date: June 9, 2014


TONY PODESTA: Sad. Relieved. What u think?

JOHN PODESTA: Good story. Where are you?

And then it was back to politics.

TONY PODESTA: Agnew invited PR gov to bill signing tomorrow am. But pierluisi is on stage as cosponsor. Gov got bill thru senate but got stiffed at signing. Help? Advice?

On June 28, 2014, Tony has a rather dark question for his brother.


Even if they do occasionally sound like cold business partners who communicate with the help of a scheduler, the Podesta brothers really seem like they have a touching, close relationship. There are many emails about birthdays, dinners, grabbing coffee together and endless check-ins. They love to eat elaborate meals.

And then there’s the wine that must be allowed to breathe.

In this one from February 9, 2014, Tony has a simple question.


And in this one from October 5, 2014, the men are discussing wine.

TONY PODESTA: Dinner oct 5????

JOHN PODESTA: Should work.

TONY PODESTA: Confirmed.

JOHN PODESTA: Why don’t you come here at 7:00. I’ll cook.

TONY PODESTA: Great Open the valpolicella. Let breathe I will bring another one.

For wine aficionados, this is a wine made in the provence of Verona, Italy.