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Hoosiers Reject Evan Bayh

REUTERS/Mike Segar

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For months, I’ve been bracing myself for the disappointment of a Hillary Clinton victory. So this is a relief! There’ll be plenty of time to worry about life in the era of President Trump, but for right now, I’m luxuriating in the despair of the Democrats. And to add to my good mood this morning, here’s some great news from my home state: In the Indiana Senate race, that lyin’ carpetbagger Evan Bayh got stomped by Republican Todd Young.

Here are the results, courtesy of the Indianapolis Star:


Dude, that is humiliating. Yay!

Evan Bayh is a bum. He lost me when he voted for Obamacare and then gloated about it. I’m glad my fellow Hoosiers made him pay for that terrible mistake. He can go back to Washington now. But on his own dime.


Repeal is actually possible now, isn’t it? I’d kinda given up on the idea. Well, let’s hope. And change!