Newsweek Writer Loses His Mind After Tucker Carlson Asks Him A Question [VIDEO]

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Newsweek senior writer Kurt Eichenwald lost his mind after Tucker Carlson pressed him about his Twitter history on Thursday night.

About two minutes into the interview, the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host and founder of The Daily Caller asked Eichenwald about a tweet in which Eichenwald said, “I believe Trump was institutionalized in a mental hospital for a nervous breakdown in 1990, which is why he won’t release medical records.”

Carlson asked if the Newsweek writer if he had any evidence to back up his claim. Eichenwald proceeded to spend the rest of the interview doing everything but providing an answer.


Last week, Eichenwald falsely tweeted that Trump supporters booed the late astronaut John Glenn.

He later deleted the tweet but not before it was retweeted thousands of times. (RELATED: Fake News Exposed — Reporter Tweets Totally False Claim Trump Supporters Were Booing The Late John Glenn)

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