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Three Secondary Threats To The Second Amendment

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Harold Hutchison Freelance Writer
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Academia, Hollywood, and Big-City Mayors

As you know, there are many threats to the Second Amendment out there. Yes, even after Donald Trump pulled off the biggest political upset in over six decades, there are still threats to the Second Amendment. But three don’t quite get the attention they should. Academia, Hollywood, and big-city mayors are all taking deadly aim to partially or totally strip away our Second Amendment rights.

The threat academia poses is a two-fold threat. The most notable threat comes when academics or others release studies like Arthur Kellerman’s claim that firearms are 42 times more likely to kill someone in the home than to be used to kill someone in self-defense. The media tends to run with these stories as well, helping the gun-grabbers make their case against our Second Amendment rights.

The second part is much more insidious. A look through some stories on this site should explain why. At Cornell University, the president of the College Republicans is assaulted. At Bryn Mawr, a student who supported Donald Trump was harassed so badly that she called the college’s suicide hotline before dropping out. The Philadelphia Inquirer noted that a student journalist who covered that story also faced harassment. A professor at Georgetown University cyberbullied a Muslim woman who voted for Trump for over a month. Want to be none of the perps in this series of incidents dealt with any consequences other than support for their actions? Also, keep in mind that in many colleges, there is a hostile climate for anyone who isn’t buying into the latest crusade from the SJWs.

Hollywood is not as bad, but let’s be very honest, Hollywood has drawn a bulls-eye on the Second Amendment. That said, Miss Sloane bombed, but star Jessica Chastain is up for a Golden Globe. We see other anti-Second Amendment messages all the time. Hollywood stars line up to express their support for gun-grabbers.

The big-city mayors could pose the most lethal threat. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, many tried to sue firearms manufacturers – threatening them with bankruptcy unless they complied with an anti-gun agenda that was being beaten in state legislatures and Congress. Lately, though, big-city mayors are teaming up with major law firms. In short, the goal is simple, they will go after you – and they now have much deeper pockets. Legal bills can rack up quickly – and many FFLs or ranges don’t have the means to pony up six figure sums of cash. Furthermore, between big-city mayors, corporate clients, and billionaires, gun-grabbers can simply try to outlast those who wish to protect their rights.

These are all serious threats, but the most serious threat is complacency. Yes, we have every reason to celebrate the fact that the next President respects our Second Amendment rights. In fact, we deserve to. But we cannot let ourselves be lulled into a sense of complacency, that we can just let Donald Trump take things from here. He needs some serious backup. The Heller and McDonald rulings hang by a single justice, and Charles Schumer is already threatening to block Trump’s choice to replace Antonin Scalia (never mind that he threatened to block any George W. Bush nominee in 2007).

In other words, after January 20, we have work to do.

Harold Hutchison